How To Get A Job With Basic Coding Skills

find a job without basic coding skills

I am a frequent wallflower on Twitter where I go to discover new things that are of my interest. While browsing Twitter, I came across a tweet from a user asking whether it is possible to get a job with only a basic knowledge of HTML/CSS and Javascript. Given that a majority of the population … Read more

4 Must-Have Traits To Be A Top Digital Analyst

digital analyst

Many large-size companies have 4 desirable attributes they look for when they are hiring for a digital analyst. Knowing what these traits are and preparing answers to demonstrate that you have these attributes can put you ahead of all other candidates.  Before that, let’s understand what a digital analyst does.  What does a digital analyst … Read more

My SEO Tool Recommendations

top search marketing tools

Fact: There are more than two billion internet users and 93% of online activities start with a search engine. Many of my friends who run their own businesses have asked many times how they can capture a percentage of that 2+ billion population to boost their sales online without spending a fortune. My answer was … Read more

TREZOR Hardware Wallet Review (updated 2020): Is it Worth Buying?

trezor model t product review

Thinking about purchasing a hardware wallet, but unsure whether the TREZOR wallet is the right choice for you? Does the thought of a hacker stealing all your cryptocurrencies scare you? Thinking about buying a hardware wallet to protect your holdings, but not sure whether the TREZOR wallet is the right choice for you? This review … Read more