get travel insurance when visiting japan

Why You Need To Get Travel Insurance

Travel insurance was an afterthought for many years. Travel agents booked most trips, and they were afraid to even mention travel insurance to customers because any extra charge might make the whole deal fall through, and send you to another agent for a lower price without any frills.

The nature of travel has changed mightily, and travel insurance isn’t a frill for most trips anymore.

Travel Insurance Is Growing More Popular Than Ever

If you’re wondering how to buy travel insurance online, you’re not alone. About thirty percent of Americans purchase travel insurance, about triple the number than just a decade ago.

The number will go higher, too, as travelers continue to become aware of all the things that can go wrong during a trip, and how each one can affect the other.

People who book cruise vacations are especially wise about travel insurance. Up to seventy percent purchase travel insurance.

Many think that travel insurance only covers flight and trip cancellations, unaware that you can get coverage for lost baggage, losing your passport or wallet, emergency cash if you’re robbed, and medical insurance for travel.

Travelers can receive a medical travel insurance quote before a trip that covers not only the replacement of needed medications carried in lost or stolen luggage but also adequate medical treatment if you’re in an accident or fall ill.

The best travel medical insurance can even cover medical evacuation if the country you’re in can’t supply you with the care you need.

Common Reasons Why We Need To Get Travel Insurance:

· Your flight’s cancelled, or delayed enough to miss a connection

· Your wallet or passport are lost or stolen

· You fall ill before your trip and need to cancel

· You suffer a medical emergency in a foreign country

· The airline loses your bags with important items or medicine in them

· You’re in an accident and adequate medical care is not available locally

· A natural disaster forces the evacuation of your hotel, ship, or resort

· The transportation you’ve arranged for one leg of your trip is out of service or goes bankrupt

· Political instability makes traveling to a country unsafe

Travel Insurance For Japan

If you’re planning a trip to Japan from the United States, Canada, Europe, or Australia, experts recommend you buy travel insurance.

For Japan, the most important aspect might be in case you need medical care while you’re there. If you have travel insurance from Japan that’s valid everywhere you go, you don’t have to worry about being turned away from a medical facility if you can’t prove

you have insurance that will pay for your care. Medical care in Japan isn’t any more expensive than you’d pay for comparable care in the US, but Japan has a National Health Service, and foreign patients can be refused treatment, even if you have a life-threatening condition and have insurance in your home country.

Even if you’re not planning a trip to Japan insurance to cover lost luggage and other calamities, you should strongly consider medical insurance for travel.

Travel Insurance Need To Cover More Than A Plane Crash

Many of us remember when the only travel insurance policies were sold from a vending machine at the airport and were just life insurance in the event the plane crashed.

Life insurance that only pays off in the event of a fatal airplane crash is not a worthwhile investment, and you’d be better off getting a conventional life insurance policy before flying. It will cover you after you land, too, and cost a lot less.

Real travel insurance, that covers all the different scenarios that could make your trip into a nightmare, is available from many different insurance companies that sell home, car, and life insurance, and you’d be wise to purchase it before you head to the airport.