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Find Things to Do in Tokyo

If you’re planning a trip to Tokyo, you will benefit from discovering the most exciting things to do in this vibrant world capital. By learning about the best Tokyo attractions, you’ll ensure that your holiday is as fulfilling as it can possibly be.  

Japanese holidays will take on more memorability when they include visits to the most impressive tourist attractions, such as the “Kill Bill restaurant in Tokyo. To help you learn about this fun eatery, as well as other enjoyable things to do in Tokyo, we’ve created a practical quick guide… 

Our guide offers superlative variety. When you follow our tips and visit these key attractions, you’ll access delectable cuisine, exquisite views and so much more. So, let’s begin by talking about a special restaurant which is a favorite of acclaimed Kill Bill director, Quentin Tarantino. 

Kill Bill Restaurant

If you’re into authentic sushi and Yakitoro, you’ll really enjoy visiting Tokyo’s Kill Bill restaurant, which is known to be a favorite haunt of acclaimed Kill Bill director, Quentin Tarantino.

While some people believe that this eatery was featured in the Kill Bill film, this rumor may actually be unfounded. However, it is a place that Tarantino frequents while he’s in Tokyo.  

The real name of this restaurant is Gonpachi in Roppongi, and it offers very affordable and traditional Japanese cuisine. Since this eatery’s association with the Tarantino action film (while admittedly questionable) has given it a fairly significant measure of fame, it’s become a popular hangout for tourists in Tokyo.   

Therefore, if you’re looking for a restaurant with a bit of a story around it, you should be sure to drop by. Maybe you can decide for yourself whether this stellar eatery, which features sophisticated décor and great prices, was really featured in a scene from Kill Bill

Shinjuku Nomura Building

If you want to visit a Toyko building with truly breath-taking views, be sure to plan a jaunt to the Shinjuku Nomura Building. This impressive and ultra-modern structure stands a staggering fifty stories over the bustling Tokyo cityscape and it is the home to a host of offices, eateries and retail outlets.  

While visiting offices may not seem like a vacation-enhancing experience, you may opt to visit a host of restaurants and shops that are also found in this cutting-edge skyscraper, such as a well-stocked wine shop and The New York Bar & Grill, which offers classic American fare, as well as a range of cocktails, wines, and beers. 

By planning a meal or a shopping excursion at this stunning edifice, you’ll access Tokyo’s most stunning views, while also enjoying satisfying cuisine and a little fun retail therapy. 

Tokyo National Museum

If you’re interested in discovering the wonders of Japanese culture, you’ll benefit from a visit to the venerable Tokyo National Museum, which is located in the Taito area’s scenic Ueno Park.

This museum is the city’s oldest, and it is filled with dazzling national treasures, as well as exciting Cultural Property items. Exhibits featured at the museum change on a regular basis.

However, current exhibits display objects from the National Palace Museum of Taipei, as well as a separate collection of national treasures that have spiritual significance.  

So, do be sure to wander the rooms and halls of this impressive museum, in order to drink in the superlative beauty and authentic culture of Japan… 

Meiji Shrine

Visiting a traditional Tokyo shrine will be an excellent way to connect with Japan’s history. The Meiji Shrine, which is situated in the Shibuya region of the city, is devoted to honoring the spirit of the late Emperor Meiji and his spouse.

This shrine was completed in 1921. However, it needed to be rebuilt after being levelled during the battles of WWI. Today, it offers a sense of peace and serenity to visitors.

The shrine is surrounded by manicured grounds which are also well worth a look (and a wander).  

Where to Stay While in Tokyo 

To access five-star accommodation in Tokyo, you’ll need to shell out a bit of cash! After all, this city, like most other world capitals, is not the cheapest place to visit.

However, if your budget does run to luxury accommodation, you’ll find that Tokyo really delivers! Consider the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo or the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Tokyo in order to enjoy stellar service, luxuriously-appointed guestrooms and a host of wonderful amenities.  

There are also options at the mid-range price point – however, you may struggle to find budget lodging in Tokyo, so do investigate options carefully before booking. 

One option is to check out tourist reviews of accommodation options via the World Wide Web. There are tons of websites that feature reviews of hotels and other forms of lodging, and these typically provide valuable insight to tourists.  

Now that you know more about various things to do in Tokyo, you’ll be ready to plan a vacation itinerary that is loaded with action, excitement and traditional Japanese elements.

Whether you prefer to stroll through a shrine and take in the authentic culture of another era or enjoy post-modern beauty at a shining Japanese skyscraper, you’ll find that our tips give you the direction that you really need.  

A Note on “Don’t Have to Visit” Places 

If you’re interested in avoiding Tokyo’s most notorious tourist traps, you may want to pass on Tokyo Disneyland, which is located just outside of the city proper.

This amusement park is a typical Disney fare, which means that it doesn’t have authentic Japanese elements, beyond signs in the Japanese language. So, chances are, you’ve seen and experienced all that it has to offer in America.  

In addition, you may wish to take a pass on the Imperial Palace, which is located smack-dab in the middle of the city. This palace tends to disappoint, as it’s no Buckingham Palace, and many tourists feel crestfallen as they explore it on foot, simply because there isn’t enough to see to make the trip to the Imperial Palace worthwhile.   

Why Not Plan a Trip Today? 

You’ll never get bored in this incredible city. It’s the ideal blend of traditional Japanese beauty and super-modern culture. By exploring Tokyo, you’ll learn so much about the Japanese way of life, in the past and in the present day. 

In fact, the memories that you take away from your next Japanese adventure will probably last for a lifetime.