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4 Must-Have Traits To Be A Top Digital Analyst

Many large-size companies have 4 desirable attributes they look for when they are hiring for a digital analyst. Knowing what these traits are and preparing answers to demonstrate that you have these attributes can put you ahead of all other candidates.  Before that, let’s understand what a digital analyst does. 

What does a digital analyst do?

In an enterprise or a very large company, a digital analyst has a number of roles and responsibilities.

  1. They gather business requirements. They are the ones who clarify with stakeholders/business owners on what they want in terms of reporting and analysis.
  2. They document and map the business requirements into metrics, reports, and tagging methods that the analytics implementation team uses as guidance.
  3. They also need to ensure the values in the reports are actual and correct. Data validation for a digital analyst is an important aspect of the role.

The list above is not exhaustive as the digital analyst does a lot more including providing support to end-users and senior management and depending on the skills and experience, they may also have testing, training, and implementation responsibilities.

The digital analyst will be the POC (point of contact) for executives and stakeholders. They either manage a team or be an expert on a team that owns web analytics within the organization.

How much does a digital analyst make?

Let’s face it, salary is always a factor to consider when pursuing a career (shouldn’t be the primary, however). If you are one of those who care how much a digital analyst makes a year, then you’d be happy to know that the average annual salary is about $76K and can go as high as $163K, according to Indeed.

Those that make the higher end of the salary range are the ones managing a larger, multilingual site for an enterprise. Goes without saying, the more experience you have that contributes to a digital analyst role, the more you’ll get paid.

Four Attributes That Great Digital Analysts Possess

In my years of working at a Fortune 500 as a digital marketer, all the exceptional digital analysts I’ve come across all have four attributes that separate them from the rest of the crowd.

If you are interviewing for a digital analyst role or are in one now and want to move up then this is where you pay attention.

  1. You have to have good business acumen. Just knowing insights isn’t good enough. You need to have a firm grasp of the business’s “big picture” and understand its risks and opportunities.
  2. The most important requirement to be a digital analyst is to have analytical skills. Be detailed oriented, objective, and have a knack for solving problems. You don’t need to be like Russell Crowe’s character in “The Beautiful Mind” but you should love and be good with numbers.
  3. Have a solid understanding of everything related to the internet, particularly web development, online marketing, UX, and the latest web trends.
  4. Lastly, having skills to build relationships with extended teams as well as with people at all levels within the organization is most important in my opinion. It isn’t a job where you’re locked up in a room crunching numbers. So liking and being liked by people is a must.

I have to be honest, the work of a digital analyst at my company is extremely fast paced and dynamic which can be stressful if your work/life isn’t balanced. For the right people, it is a rewarding career path.