Ways to reduce your digital footprint

digital pollution

As the world moves toward more sustainable initiatives, digital pollution management is getting more attention from both corporates and individuals. So, how can we reduce our digital footprint?  What is digital pollution?  Rapid advances in technology have changed daily life. Smartphones are in almost every pocket, email keeps us in constant contact, and the effect of … Read more

Can we trust the digital economy?

digital economy

The year 2020 marked a tipping point for digital evolution. Such was our reliance on digital, the Oxford Languages “Word of the Year” – which often centers around tech trends – claimed that there was no singular phrase that could sum up the pandemic.  As more of us worked from home, ordered online, and hopped … Read more

4 Must-Have Traits To Be A Top Digital Analyst

digital analyst

Many large-size companies have 4 desirable attributes they look for when they are hiring for a digital analyst. Knowing what these traits are and preparing answers to demonstrate that you have these attributes can put you ahead of all other candidates.  Before that, let’s understand what a digital analyst does.  What does a digital analyst … Read more

My SEO Tool Recommendations

top search marketing tools

Fact: There are more than two billion internet users and 93% of online activities start with a search engine. Many of my friends who run their own businesses have asked many times how they can capture a percentage of that 2+ billion population to boost their sales online without spending a fortune. My answer was … Read more