Why I’m selling all my EOS

eos protocol

This will be an unpopular opinion among all the EOS maximalists but my opinion none the less. I’m not a programmer and consider myself a crypto/blockchain enthusiast with average knowledge of the technical stuff that goes behind building these blockchains. I bought 200 EOS in 2017 along with the many crypto speculators who thought this … Read more

TREZOR Hardware Wallet Review (updated 2020): Is it Worth Buying?

trezor model t product review

Thinking about purchasing a hardware wallet, but unsure whether the TREZOR wallet is the right choice for you? Does the thought of a hacker stealing all your cryptocurrencies scare you? Thinking about buying a hardware wallet to protect your holdings, but not sure whether the TREZOR wallet is the right choice for you? This review … Read more

Ledger Nano X Review: Should You Buy It In?

Ledger Nano X wallet review

If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast, you definitely should own a hardware cryptocurrency wallet. One such popular hardware wallet is the Ledger Nano S, which comes practically in a USB design and supports close to all cryptocurrency available today. Nonetheless, the Nano S seems to be outdated, attributed to slow speed coupled with limited memory. … Read more