Ways to reduce your digital footprint

digital pollution

As the world moves toward more sustainable initiatives, digital pollution management is getting more attention from both corporates and individuals. So, how can we reduce our digital footprint?  What is digital pollution?  Rapid advances in technology have changed daily life. Smartphones are in almost every pocket, email keeps us in constant contact, and the effect of … Read more

Can we trust the digital economy?

digital economy

The year 2020 marked a tipping point for digital evolution. Such was our reliance on digital, the Oxford Languages “Word of the Year” – which often centers around tech trends – claimed that there was no singular phrase that could sum up the pandemic.  As more of us worked from home, ordered online, and hopped … Read more

Crypto.com Cuts Rates, Upsets its 5 million customer Base

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I received this email from Crypto.com on Oct 14 announcing they’ve slashed rates effective Oct 13. They sent me this email after the change was made! No warning, nothing. Essentially, staking rewards have gone from 16% (18%) to 6%. Here is the email in its entirety: Dear Valued Customer, On Tuesday 13 October 2020, 09:00 UTC, … Read more

Why I’m selling all my EOS

eos protocol

This will be an unpopular opinion among all the EOS maximalists but my opinion none the less. I’m not a programmer and consider myself a crypto/blockchain enthusiast with average knowledge of the technical stuff that goes behind building these blockchains. I bought 200 EOS in 2017 along with the many crypto speculators who thought this … Read more